You can only make history when you have a long history behind you.


A group of visionary farmers founded the Eferding Agricultural Cooperative – the predecessor of today’s efko.


Fresh fruit and vegetables were preserved with natural means for the first time – the legendary efko gherkins are launched on the market.


In the 1960s and 70s, the product range was continuously expanded and true pickled vegetable classics were created.


Production methods were continuously improved and great new products with ever more sophisticated recipes followed. In 1983, efko launched its now classic fine mayonnaise salads.


The company efko s.r.o. was founded in the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic.


efko cz s.r.o. started to build a brand new modernly equipped factory in Veselí nad Lu┼żnicí.


Today, the efko group processes and produces the finest preserves from some 70 fruit and vegetable varieties. More than 85,000 tons of raw material are made into the finest preserves every year, which makes efko one of the most important pickled vegetable producers in Europe.